Transparent Smartphone: How close are we?

Smartphones sure have come a long way & they are getting more advanced by the passing day. Every year the bar is raised with new tech implementations. These days you can do almost anything you imagine on a piece of slab. But we have not seen any breakthrough change in them. The smartphones still look like they used to 10 years earlier, only the screens have got bigger with some other enhancements.

Remember that cool transparent phone that our favorite Tony Stark (a.k.a Iron Man) uses. How cool would it be to have a tech like that, for real?  I’m sure you would love to have one, we all have wished at some point to get our hands on some sci-fi future tech gadget, just to stand out in the crowd. Transparent Smartphone seems like a pretty cool thing. If you wanna know when will you actually able to get your hands on a thing like that, well just read this article to the end.


First off, lets talk about what we actually need to make this dream of our a reality.

  1. Display: Display is the one thing that takes up the most space of our smartphone on front. So first we need to get a transparent display.
  2. Battery: We all know that all the components of the smartphone are laid behind the display on the circuit board/motherboard. And in this space major space is taken by battery. So that will be our second requirement.
  3. Speakers: One other big part of smartphone is speaker which needs to transparent in order to make a transparent phone.
  4. Processor & Memory: Processor and memory are the main part of the smartphones. Ram and secondary storage.They all also need to be transparent.
  5.  Motherboard/Circuit board: Last but not least a the board itself is a big part of smartphone and it also needs to made transparent.

Achievements so far

Now, Let’s see what discoveries have been made till date that can make this turn to reality. Well some companies have really tried to play in this field and did pretty well. Xperia Pureness with transparent display(of course was not a colored one) and LG Crystal are some fine examples of that.


Transparent Displays? Done! 

Samsung and Panasonic both have showed us what the future displays would look like. Samsung displayed their latest see-through OLED Tv’s at CES 2016. Also in the same event Panasonic also showed off what their implementation will look like. 


For specially smartphones Lenovo’s Zuk showcased their prototype of transparent display at the launch event of Zuk Z1 in 2015. The solution looked quite promising with good colours. Anyway Zuk did a great job. 



The next big thing in smartphones is battery. With more and more advanced power hungry hardware and user needs, the battery has become quite a dominant feature. For a transparent smartphone we also need a transparent battery to enjoy it to the fullest.

But looks like scientists at Stanford have already taken care of that problem.  “If you want to make everything transparent, what about the battery?” said Yi Cui , an associative professor of materials science and engineering and of photon science at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. 

Yi Cui along with his student Yuan Yang have developed a transparent battery. It is based on a simple fact that if something is smaller than 50 microns our eyes will not be able to see it. You can read the full details here.



Can you imagine a smartphone with no speakers! Exactly that would just ruin the whole entertainment part from the smartphone. That’s why we also need a pair of transparent speakers for our media and calling requirements.



It may seem hard to believe but the disk-like thing you see in the picture above is a transparent speaker. A team of researchers at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences did managed to produce a see-through artificial muscle , with the use ionic-conductivity , that can produce sounds spanning the entire audible spectrum. You can also listen to the audio sample played on the same speakers here.  Awesome isn’t it?

Processor, Ram & Motherboard

Sadly these components can’t be made transparent for the time being. Well maybe in the future something like that happens. But for now this is just impossible. 

Don’t worry this is not a great problem though. All these components can be just fitted into a small area, say chin of the smartphone. That should not be a big deal as we are so used to the black bars up-top and bottom of our smartphones.


At last we can surely say that transparent smartphone is not a big deal in 21st Century. We already have most of the things needed to make this dream smartphone a reality. Do keep in mind that all the inventions we talked about were invented 2-6 years earlier. There have been several advancements since, and surely their better versions are available. The only thing it needs is some manufacturer to support this dream and put all those pieces into a working phone. 

Surprise! For all those who read the whole post. Fully functional transparent phone. Thanks for visiting, do comment your views.

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