web tracking

No GPS, They Can Still Track You!

In today's world where everything is online, personal data has a lot more value than you can even imagine. Privacy ...
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Apple is going to be dethroned?

Apple has been on the top spot in tech world from like since the time it came. In smartphones iPhones ...
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android vs ios

Why Android needs more ram than ios?

We see more and more android smartphones coming with increased amount of ram these days. With 4GB ram becoming standard ...
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Transparent smartphone

Transparent Smartphone: How close are we?

Smartphones sure have come a long way & they are getting more advanced by the passing day. Every year the ...
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G6 full vision

Explaining Lg G6’s 18:9 aspect ratio

You may wonder what is an aspect ratio? Well if i put it in simple words it is ratio of ...
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Charge your gadgets with fire using Biolite

Do you love to go offroad? Going into the unknown and having adventure exploring the wild? Have your smartphone or ...
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