Report says iPhone 8 to feature true-tone display

Earlier reports said that this year’s iPhone, iPhone 8 will use OLED displays rather than the already used LCD ones. Also the new iPhone is said to feature edge-to-edge display. Now a latest research note from Barclays says, all the three iPhones in 2017 ( i.e. iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8) are expected to feature True Tone displays.

true tone display

Apple already uses this tech in the recently launched iPad pro.  The idea here  is that the ambient-light sensor on the device is used to determine just the right percentage and intensity of white light you need. For better understanding let’s say, if you are indoor or outdoor, the display will adjust itself to make it easier on the eyes. For example, in case of a dimly lit room with light bulbs, the display would appear warmer and yellower while on a cloudy day it would appear cooler and bluer. Hence looking more pleasing to the eyes.

As per the note, all the three iPhones will sport a “full spectral sensing” ambient light sensor for a “True Color” screen, supplied by Austrian semiconductor manufacturer AMS.


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