Quick Charge 4+ unveiled by Qualcomm

We see improvements in processors, ram and displays every year or even earlier. But battery department seems to be very less innovative, although it is one of the main feature of our daily gadgets. As the hardware is becoming more & more power hungry various techniques are developed to improve battery life. One of them is quick charging. There are many players in this game like OnePlus, Oppo, Motorola etc.

Qualcomm today has bring it’s latest improvement in quick charging technology, Quick Charge 4+. Last November it introduced Quick Charge 4 and now the company unveiled the next version of that. Qualcomm’s Quick Charge is very popular as it is automatically enabled if a compatible Snapdragon processor is used in the smartphone.

Features of Quick Charge 4+

The newest version includes a variety of enhancements, including cooler charging, 30% better efficiency, and up to 15% faster charge times. Qualcomm claims that you can get 0-50% battery in just 15mins and a 5 mins charge should give you battery life for 5 hours.  Now thats great in our todays fast life.



The Nubia Z17  is the first phone announced to be compatible with this new charging technology. We are sure more smartphones will come with this feature in near future.

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