GoDaddy launched new website builder, Here is our review

Few days back GoDaddy launched it’s new website builder for small businesses. One can build website using it even from a smartphone. “Easy to use and affordable, the new website builder enables a small business, to design a fully functional and professional website in just under an hour with no technical expertise, even using their smartphone.” said GoDaddy.


Well we tried it and here is our review of it. So, let’s start

GoDaddy’s website builder is simple and fairly easy to use. You need zero technical knowledge to use it. You just visit the Website Builder page. There you can login using your Facebook account or you can create your own account.

Website builder login

After logging in, first thing you are asked about your site. Here you can enter what your site is about and what you wanna call your site.

Godaddy-website-builder Then on the next page you will find in front of you some pre-designed templates to choose from. Select any one which you like, if  you don’t like anyone don’t worry you can always costomise most of the things to your own wish.


And there you are on your main customization page. Here you will find options to edit Header, Footer, About Us. Also you can change background picture, Add new section as per your requirement.

Godaddy-website-builder(2) If you click the menu on top left corner, there you will find additional settings like Publish Site, SEO, Email marketing, Settings and Help. Settings will lead you to further options where you can set Site Profile, Domain settings, Add social media links for your site, Google Analytics- to track website traffic and a Reset option to reset all website content.

Website-builder-settings You can add pages as you like and customize the pages using Add section option. Add section gives you many options to add images, gallery , files etc to your page.


GoDaddy’s website builder is easy to use and offers you a lot of customization options. One can easily make a startup website using it. Although it is not as powerful as some other options like Wix, but is handy enough to get you started. But we do wish that more customization options should have been added. Maybe GoDaddy adds them later on, as this is just a start.  You can surely use it to build a beautiful site and also improve Google search ranking for your small business. Also do note that this website builder is not free.

The new Website Builder is available in four different pricing options following a one month free trial: Personal – Rs 99/month; Business – Rs 479/month; Business Plus – Rs 679/month, and Online Store – Rs 999/month.

Also if you don’t wanna spend money, you should definitely give Wix a try. It will also offer you similar features with lots of more control. Let us know in the comment section below, if you will use GoDaddy’s builder or not? What are your views on their try?

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