Apple is going to be dethroned?

Apple has been on the top spot in tech world from like since the time it came. In smartphones iPhones are considered the top of the line products. Same goes for the laptop, Macbook and wearables. But in recent years Apple is loosing it’s market share, especially in smartphones. Just have a look at recent news below.

apple going to be dethrowned

Apple has lost its position in two of the world’s largest tech markets, India and China. As the growth of smartphone sale is rising at a phenominal rate in these countries, apple is loosing it’s ground in both countries.

apple loosing market share in china

Smaller brands rising

Apple is loosing it’s market share to the likes of Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Zte, Huawei, Samsung. Xiaomi is now the largest smarthphone brand in India beating Samsung and others. These brands are providing devices with high value for money. Apple is has lost it’s place among top three smartphone brands in China also. Let’s dig deeper and know why is this happening?

Why Apple is loosing it’s market share?

Below listed are some key points where apple lacks to please customers in emerging marketplaces.

  • Lack of innovation
  • No new design
  • Not providing value for money

To be honest Apple is lagging a lot in the innovation department. With last major design change in 2013 with the iPhone 5s, Apple has failed to come up with a mass loved design. Iphone 5s had so much improvement over it’s predecessor. Since then there are just marginal changes in not so loved iPhone 6 design. There are not any new groundbreaking feature in new launched iPhones. The only major design change that has happened was last year with the introduction of iPhone X, but priced at Rs.96,000(for the base model)that is just out of reach of most of the common buyers. One is better off with OnePlus, Samsung or Xiaomi flagship than that. And these flagships provide all the features that apple’s top-notch phone can offer.

On the contrary the likes of Xiaomi are providing great features and best in class hardware in their smartphones. You can see every third person around you with a xiaomi device. For budget smartphone category there is no manfacturer that can match Xiaomi’s offering(for now).


For now Apple’s future seems downtrending. With rising competition apple really needs to do come up with some great smartphone that can help it regain the market share. Android is rising at a rapid pace and getting better day by day, Apple sure needs to keep it’s customers with it. How apple is going to handle this situation only time will tell. If not done that day is not far when Apple will face the fate similar to Nokia, Htc and others. For now apple is loosing.

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