Apple Iphone SE price drop, now available for just Rs.19999

Today ITNET, a retailer from Kerala tweeted a photo saying, “Iphone SE now available for Rs.19999 for 16gb and Rs.25999 for 64gb”. Strangely thats even lower price than what Iphone SE is sold in US.

Iphone SE

Iphone SE was launched in India for Rs.39000 for the 16gb variant and Rs.49000 for the 64gb variant. After that it got Rs.5000 price cut in last September. It is available right now on Amazon starting Rs.26500 and on Flipkart starting Rs.29999. Though Apple sets a standard MRP for it’s products, but third party retailers sell them for much less price.

ITNET said that the offer is only available for card purchase and this offer is upto 25th of this month. We don’t have any official statement but the retailer says that you can avail this offer at any Apple Store in the country. We are not so sure that how much of this is true. You can visit your near Apple Store and confirm the same.

Do let us know if you visited Apple Store. Also tell us in the comment section below, will you be taking advantage of this super deal and buy Iphone SE?

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