Andy Rubin’s Essential teases it’s upcoming smartphone again, 360° camera confirmed

Essential teased their upcoming smartphone again by posting a pic on twitter. The pic showed us glimpse of the 360° camera on top of it. See for yourself below.

We heard you – here’s something to hold you over until next week:


As you can see the phone as a large rectangular thing on it’s top. That is most probably the rumoured 360° camera that the smartphone will have. If that comes out to be true, it would be the first smartphone to have such camera setup.

It was also rumoured that Rubin was designing a new, high-end smartphone that would feature a ceramic back and edge-to-edge display. One standout feature of the rumored device is the ability to tack on new hardware via the phone’s charge port. 

Rest of the specs are still a mystery. But that’s not for long as the launch event is scheduled for May,30. 

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